Enjoy a view of the gold course with Mature Living at Links View

Enjoy your Nestegg

You’ve worked hard all your life and want to enjoy your nestegg. Most of the apartments at Links View are available to rent. So you could sell your property, release your money tied up in bricks and mortar - and enjoy it!

Elderly Care Costs that allow you to enjoy your nestegg

It’s fair to say that most people would prefer to keep their independence as they get older. It’s also true that almost all of us need that little bit of extra care and support as we age. The cost of good later life care can be a serious issue. 

Links View is designed to give you the best of both worlds.

Your new apartment gives you independence and a life of your own. The reasonable monthly fee, with service charge included, gives you elderly care and security without having to worry about paying for residential care.

Free up your capital

Do you own your own home? If so, it’s likely that a considerable amount of money is tied up in its walls. It’s the value of your lifetime of work – a mortgage paid and family raised. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy it!

When you move to Links View the only cost you pay is a very reasonable monthly rental fee for your apartment. There’s no lump-sum purchase price to pay for your new apartment as there is at so many other mature living facilities.

Prices vary according to the size of the apartment, and of course you also pay utility bills as you would do anywhere else. 

But if you do currently own a property you could release your money that’s tied up and enjoy it! Head to the seaside and choose retirement living in sunny St Annes. Especially if you don’t have any family to pass your valuable asset onto.

A very small number of apartments at Links View are available to buy. They become vacant and are advertised for sale by their current owners in the way that any other property would be. The vast majority of apartments at Links View are available to rent. 


Look after your nestegg, and pay for:

  • Apartment rental (including service charge)
  • Council Tax – apartments are Council Tax Bands B, C and D
  • Electricity and water rates.

Additional expenses

  • Reserved parking space – approx £420 pa*
  • Meals in the restaurant
  • Hair appointments

Rental terms are exceptionally favourable, from just £925 per month*, including service charge.

The rentals are on an assured tenancy basis. The period could vary from 1 year to whatever your requirement is.

* prices correct as of 01 March 2019. E&OE.

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