Independent Living

Sold on the idea of this amazing quality of life as you get older? You've worked hard to enjoy independent living in your retirement!

In this luxurious St Annes development we take care of all your day to day hassles of property, maintenance and security issues. Which means you’re free to enjoy life as you choose. That might be in the company of friends and neighbours or in the privacy of your own luxury apartment.

Take Steps Towards Independent Living

There’s absolutely no external house maintenance to worry about for a start. We all know that the coastal atmosphere plays havoc with the exterior of a house, so that’s one headache less.

In most cases, life in an apartment will mean downsizing from your current premises. So you’ll have a lot less internal space to keep clean and tidy, and a lot less clutter to keep under control. That’s another step towards carefree but independent living.

If you eat in the restaurant at lunch time each day you won’t even need to clean your oven!

Without the problems of maintaining an older family property, Links View gives you the time and opportunity for a more varied, fulfilling lifestyle in luxurious surroundings.

Don’t forget that with Mature Living at Links View, not only is it a great lifestyle, you’ll also be able to enjoy the money released by the sale of your previous home. You can have your cake and eat it!

Visiting Relatives

Many people retire to the Fylde Coast. It’s an amazing place to spend your retirement. This is the guest suite, where visiting family can stay if you don’t have a bed for them in your own apartment.

Have you retired to the Fylde Coast but your family remain many miles away? Or maybe they’ve moved here and you’d like to be closer to them. 

The guest suite is an ideal benefit for the family of residents. Not just for happy occasions but also at times of illness or crisis. The last thing that your stressed relatives need in difficult circumstances is to have to look for a place to stay.

We’ve tried to think of everything at Links View. Complete with twin beds and an ensuite bathroom the guest suite is a perfect facility for their peace of mind. It’s another step towards your own independent living too.

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