Looking for Care Homes without going into Care?

Are you or your loved ones at a time in their life when you’re looking for care homes without going into care?

You’ll enjoy independent living at Links View!

Links View - another alternative to a Care Home

There’s one thing for sure, if we live long enough we all get old!

And another thing that’s as sure as eggs are eggs, is that we’d all like to have a happy and independent old age when we get there.

Some people are quite OK with the idea of being looked after in care homes. If your physical and emotional needs are such then it’s perhaps the best choice for you.

However, the vast majority of people just need extra help as they get older – but still want to call their soul their own. That’s where Links View at St Annes comes into its own.

Do you know what kind of Care you’re looking for?

There’s a lot of choice nowadays in how we spend our golden years.

Biscuits with coffee at Links View Independent Living

In the olden days, you had little choice when you became old or infirm. You went into an ‘old people’s home’, maybe a mental hospital if you had dementia, or your family looked after you. And for a long time that was about all the choice you got.

However, over time the population has aged, times have moved on and people are a lot more discerning now. There’s much more choice nowadays in how we spend our golden years. Thank goodness!

There’s a full range of options to choose from, including care at home, sheltered housing bungalows and flats, and assisted living complexes like Links View. That’s before you start looking at all of the different types of care homes and what they offer.

The choice can be bewildering. And then you’ll have to look at the relative costs of each and how they compare!

Looking for care homes without going into care?

When is a Care Home not a Care Home?

You might call Links View a ‘care home’ – but it’s not a care home as you might know them!

In a traditional care home you’d have your own bedroom, maybe even a toilet, but share communal living accommodation and meal times with the other residents. It’s good if that’s what you need, but it’s not exactly independent living.

Sheltered housing schemes often incorporate a warden and a ‘pull cord’ system. Otherwise you’re more or less left to your own devices. Maybe that’s a bit too much independence!

You might call Links View a ‘care home’ – but it’s not a care home as you might know them! You might have heard the term ‘Extra Care Housing’ though. That’s a much better way to describe the Links View complex.

Extra Care in Lytham St Annes

The building and the services it offers are designed with the needs of older people in mind.

Chairs conveniently placed in corners where you can enjoy a breather

For example, looking around the public areas, Links View looks much like a hotel or private apartments. But the corridors have inbuilt handrails and wider doors to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. There are chairs in corners for you to have a breather. These things aren’t obvious at all – until you need them.

The facilities at Links View are amazing too. There’s a launderette, hairdressers, TV room, library and even a gym!

It doesn’t stop at practical adaptations either. While you live in your own flat with your own front door, you know that you’re surrounded by neighbours and staff who will keep an eye on you. Help is at hand – but only when you need it. People love living here – see what some of our residents think to life at Links View.

You might not need any extra care at all when you move in, and continue to live completely independently. But when you do become frail as you age, help is there. Then, you’ll choose your own care package, according to your needs.

‘Extra Care housing’ provides for varying levels of care and support. You might hear it called assisted living, housing with care, or even sheltered accommodation. Call it what you will, it means that you’ll be cared for and safe, without having to go into a care home.

One thing that life at Links View does provide is the best of both worlds. When you move in you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of life in a care home, with all the benefits of living independently. Add a daily meal (and afternoon tea!) in the restaurant and you’ll wonder why you didn’t move in years ago!

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